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the importance of omega fatty acids in equine diets is nothing new. however, the nutrition experts at united bionutrition have worked with leading universities to identify a specific balance of marine-based omega-3 fatty acids (specifically, docosahexaenoic acid or dha) that significantly improves a stallion�s reproductive ability.

studies show that stallions fed diets supplemented with magnitude�s precise blend of long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (including dha), antioxidants and vitamins experienced marked improvement in reproductive potential:

  • increased sperm concentration;
  • increased daily sperm output;
  • a significant increase in sperm motility, even in semen cooled for 48 hours;
  • an increase in daily output of progressively motile sperm; and
  • an increase in the percentage of morphologically normal sperm in fresh semen.

magnitude gives you the potential of an increased supply of quality semen that�s also more highly concentrated and viable in storage. it adds up to impressive results � especially for stallions with poor reproductive traits.

click here to view a brochure outlining the benefits of magnitude:

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