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nutritional considerations

magnitude also enhances your stallion�s diet with an important blend of antioxidants and vitamins, particularly vitamin e. it has a negligible impact on energy, too. pound for pound, magnitude has a caloric value similar to corn and is lower in carbohydrates.

when feeding magnitude, be sure to consider other fat sources used in the complete diet. adding corn oil or other vegetable fat sources high in omega-6 fatty acids may interfere with magnitude�s ability to maintain the omega-3 to omega-6 ratios associated with the stallion�s nutritional requirements.


easy to feed

magnitude is safe and easy to use. its source of dha is similar to those often used in human foods and nutriceuticals. in fact, safety studies and research suggest that dha oils are safe and do not cause toxicity. this gives you an added level of assurance in what you�re putting in his feed.

simply feed your stallion magnitude flavor-coated pellets for 60 days prior to periods of heavy physical activity at the rate of three-fourths of a pound per day following winter inactivity.

each 20-pound plastic pail of magnitude includes a premeasured scoop. just use two scoops of magnitude per day, blended with the stallion�s normal ration, to provide our recommended daily intake of magnitude.

and as when introducing any new feed supplement, you may want to gradually introduce magnitude as part of your stallion�s feeding regimen.

feeding guidlines

product safety

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