the nutritionally balanced omega-3
dha is the key. the membranes of spermatozoa are composed primarily of dha. and scientific studies verify that the marinebased omega-3 fatty acids in magnitude improve the supply of dha in stallions.

so when it comes to meeting the pufa needs of stallions, all omegas are not created equal:

  • other feeds and supplements are high in omega-6 fatty acids, not key omega-3 fatty acids;
  • plant-based omega supplements, such as flax, do not supply dha; and
  • fish oil supplements present challenges with odor, palatability and stability in storage, and they may not have the proper ratio of fatty acids required by stallions.

that�s where magnitude stands above the rest. its balanced blend of fatty acids � not found in any other omega-3 product � increases your stallion�s dha to foster a more physically capable and profitable sire.

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